Nokia 3310 relaunched: All you need to know about the new version

Nokia 3310 has made its way back into the marketplace, this time with a new design and a month-long battery life, as well as the much relished game on the mobile phone, Snake.

The older version which was a stellar hit with Nokia users

The iconic phone was launched at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 that took place in Barcelona. This time around, the phone has been tweaked a bit to adjust to the evolving market and keep in touch with the new customer taste and fashion. Nokia 3310 handset now comes in a sleek design and in different bright colours. CEO of CEO of HMD stated during the ceremony that the new Nokia 3310 will have a battery life of 22 hours and will survive for a month on standby based on a single charge.

Nokia 3310 relaunched

One can also now access the game that made Nokia 3310 a fan favourite when it first came out–Snake. Users can now access the game from the Facebook Messenger under the games tab. The phone can be charged with a micro-USB which means that you really don’t have to carry the old Nokia pin charger with you and it even has a headphones jack in it, enabling you to enjoy music.And just so you know; the phone also has a camera at the back, with a removable cover as well as a screen which is larger than the older version.

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